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About RinkWare

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Our Mission: "To provide rink owners and operators an affordable and easy to use set of tools to allow them to effectively and efficiently manage and operate their rinks while maximizing profits."
RinkWare is based in Spring, Texas, a suburb north of Houston, Texas. We focus on products for the roller skating industry, specifically: Websites & Web Content Management, Online Party Booking, Employee Management, Point of Sale, Mobile Applications, and Marketing Tools.
RinkWare was born out a set of tools built by Harold Herrin for a friend who owned a rink. The tools basically provided the rink owner the ability to easily manage his website without any web skills. The resulting website and tools were such a success that word of mouth spread leading to multiple requests by other rinks for access to the same tools and similar websites. Harold founded RinkWare as an official business in 2011. Since that time, we've added more tools including online party booking, point of sale, employee schedulers, time clocks, and even mobile applications.
With customers across the nation, RinkWare as a company has grown. We are big enough to get the job done, but still small enough to care about each and every customer as if they were our best friends or family. Our customer's success and love of skating are at the heart of our business.

About Our Founder

RinkWare Websites Harold Herrin is the founder of RinkWare and currently serves as "Chief Geek In Charge". In addition to the other members of the team, Harold brings years experienceHarold back in the 80's to the company. Starting off as a "rink rat", speed skater, and floor guard before moving into management he really knows and understands the roller skating industry. A passion for computers, he is a geek after all, lead him to a career as a software developer.. However now, through RinkWare, he gets to do what he loves and apply it to roller skating. We dug up an old pic of Harold from his days at the rink. He really hates this photo, at least he says he does.